Expect more from Envelo. Every valued client is eligible for the Envelo Rewards Program.

Envelo team members believe in treating our clients with dedication and appreciation. Plus, we believe in giving back to our clients and communities.

Here's an overview of how the Envelo Rewards Program works:

The fees paid to process your customer's credit or debit cards help to keep the entire card processing network running efficiently and securely. As a thank you for choosing Envelo to help your organization, we've developed a gift-back rewards program to share with your family, friends, staff, or even yourself! Since we have built efficiency in our business by focusing on Sports, Medical, Health & Fitness businesses, we're able to deliver competitive rates, excellent service, and cool rewards.

As your volume of processing reaches threshold levels, we send you quarterly rewards in the form of Dick's Sporting Goods, Amazon.com, and Best Buy gift cards. You'll have the flexibility to use them on anything your heart desires.


This is the Envelo way of saying "Thank you!"

Mention the Envelo Rewards Program to your Envelo Team Member for all the details.

Your time is more than valuable — it's precious.

Did you know some merchant account providers can take a week or longer to get you up and running? Not Envelo. With our fast-track application and approval process, we get you set up — or switched — fast, usually in less than 24 hours. And the faster you get set up with us, the faster you'll enjoy all of the other benefits that come with being an Envelo merchant.

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