Payment Gateways

Choosing to use Envelo helps you simplify your e-commerce solution. You can work with one company for your merchant account and credit card processing needs.

Online purchases are fast and easy for consumers. But they require Internet merchants to apply for an online payment gateway in addition to a merchant account. A payment gateway is a secure portal that connects to a shopping cart on an ecommerce website and transmits credit card information to a payment processor for authorization and settlement. Some payment processors don’t offer both of these services. If you choose to use Envelo Bank Card Services, you can simplify your e-commerce solution and work with one company for your merchant account and credit card processing needs.

Our e-commerce merchant account solution offers:

  • Real-time credit card and electronic check processing
  • Safe and secure, PCI-compliant gateway
  • Free virtual terminal, which allows you to take phone and mail orders using a login and password online
  • Free tech support for both your merchant account and gateway

Already have another Payment Gateway service? That's no problem. Envelo eCommerce Merchant Accounts will work with any payment gateway service.

Your time is more than valuable — it's precious.

Did you know some merchant account providers can take a week or longer to get you up and running? Not Envelo. With our fast-track application and approval process, we get you set up — or switched — fast, usually in less than 24 hours. And the faster you get set up with us, the faster you'll enjoy all of the other benefits that come with being an Envelo merchant.

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