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A Credit card terminal is a physical device that can execute transactions with debit cards or a credit cards. Most terminals have the same basic purpose and similar functions. They allow a merchant to swipe or key in credit card information and then transmit the data to the merchant service provider. Most newer models processes credit cards, gift cards, and are expandable to perform check verification. The majority of credit card terminals transmit data over standard telephone lines or the internet. Other options include Wireless terminals which can transmit card data using a cellular or satellite network. Some even have the ability to store data and transmit using a smartphone.

Depending on the needs of the merchant and the type of transactions processed by the card issuing bank, key operations of and functions of terminals include:

  • Acceptance of credit, debit and charge cards
  • Key Entry
  • Refunds and Adjustments
  • Tips
  • Settlement (including Automatic)
  • Pre-Authorization
  • Remote Initialization and Software update
  • POS Integration
  • Pen or PIN
  • Surcharge Function
  • Secure Password Operation
  • Multi-merchant Capabilities

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